We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Elizabeth Perez-Lavin and Mr. Burt Whitenight acquired the remainder of company ownership on January 1, 2016. Mrs. Perez-Lavin originally joined the company in 2007 to undertake the chief duties as Controller. Mr. Whitenight was hired in 2006 as a Project Manager for the Sarasota office.

Both were appointed to the Board of Directors in 2010 and in 2013 they were named President (Perez-Lavin) and Executive Vice President (Whitenight) of the organization. At that time they were offered the opportunity to purchase a percentage of the company with a long-term plan in place for full ownership in the future. Each was strategically selected to take the reins and run the company based on their character, business sense, work ethic and honesty.

Prior owner and CEO, Mr. Gary Johnson, knew they held the same passion he did and would continue to drive the company to greater success. They are truly dynamic and share the same vision for the company, the same desire to provide opportunities to others, and the same commitment to the highest level of service and safety. Through its leadership, Service Contracting Solutions will continue to strive and achieve the same level of excellence it has carried for over three decades and many more to come.