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Benjamin Martin


Fun Fact: 

Benjamin's detail-oriented mindset stems from his personal life where he loves art, drawing, designing, and more. In his spare time, he uses his art to create tattoos; He has over 20 tattoos!

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Benjamin Martin, recently appointed as Superintendent for our Sarasota location, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Before his promotion, he played a pivotal role as a Foreman, spearheading multiple projects in the field. Benjamin is a firm believer in continuous growth, and his commitment to fostering personal development extends beyond progressional realms. 


A passionate advocate for helping individuals evolve into the best version of themselves, Benjamin finds fulfillment in witnessing people's progress over time. His guiding principle, encapsulated in his favorite piece of advice, emphasizes the importance of showing respect, event to those who may not seem to deserve it. For Benjamin, this isn't just a reflection of others' character but, more importantly, a testament to one's own character. 

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