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Carlos Parra


Fun Fact: 

Carlos finds solace and excitement in the great outdoors. He enjoys fishing and hiking, providing him with endless adventures. 

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Carlos embarked on his career journey after completing high school in 2003. His early exposure to the roofing industry, working alongside his father, laid a robust foundation for his career and gave him experience in the construction industry. Carlos quickly developed expertise in operating heavy equipment and machinery, skills that proved invaluable in his subsequent endeavors. 

Building on his practical experience, Carlos earned certificates in Home Appraisal and A+ Computer, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning. Joining the SCS team in 2020 as a Waterproofer in the field, Carlos's versatility became evident as he later achieved certification as a Rope Access Painter and Waterproofer. His skillset extends to fireproofing, highlighting the breadth of his expertise. 

Carlos takes great pride in his professional achievements, including taking on the role of an Estimator. Beyond his career, Carlos places high value on family and responsibility, considering fatherhood as one of his greatest accomplishments. His journey to becoming an Estimator reflects his determination and commitment to progressional growth. 

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