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SCS specializes in all commercial coating applications. From educational facilities, government buildings, military bases, medical facilities & hospitals, shopping centers and malls, sports complexes, and small office suites. We have the knowledge and experience to complete your project on time and on budget.

SCS has proudly executed a wide variety of commercial projects. Our approach offers practical recommendations that enhance the visual impact of each project, assuring a functional environment with a unique personality. 


We specialize in all commercial coating applications. No matter how big or small, we have the knowledge and resources to complete your project on time and on budget. Many of our workers have been with our company for years. They are trained and experienced in their specialized fields. We concentrate our efforts on helping educate and training our employees so we know our customers are getting the highest quality work out there. 


Our crews include experienced professionals in surface preparation, trimming, and hanging wall coverings from the most delicate papers to heavy-duty vinyl and fabrics. Our thorough knowledge of stains and finishes meet the exact specifications for wood finishings. 


We provide assurance with extended warranties for all completed projects. How your contractors treat you after the project is completed and after the last check is cut, shows you more about their integrity than anything else. Just when you think the project is complete, we step up and stay by your side for years to come. 


In custom techniques, we have a successful background of working closely with architects and interior designers, translating their vision into professional results. Many times, large projects call for an engineer, we maintain professional relationships with engineering firms throughout your area. We could even recommend a few if needed. 

Commercial Coatings Portfolio

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