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Gerald Raleigh


Fun Fact: 

Gerald loves spending time with his family, specifically enjoying time outdoors!

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Gerald Raleigh, a native of Venezuela, cultivated his early career as a Lawyer before venturing to the United States. With a total of 6 years at SCS, Gerald's journey within the company showcases his dynamic progression. Starting in the field, he gained experience and swiftly ascended to the role of Purchasing Manager, contributing significantly to the establishment of our Purchasing Department. In this capacity, Gerald played a pivotal role in warehouse management, fostered valuable vendor relationships, and oversaw the procurement of essential supplies and materials for our projects. 

Transitioning into a Superintendent in Training in early 2022, Gerald demonstrated his adept leadership and management skills. In this role, he is responsible for scheduling our field crews, ensuring optimal staffing and productivity for each project. By late 2022, Gerald assumed the position of Superintendent, where he now oversees projects of various sizes, showcasing his ability to effectively manage and lead teams to successful project completion. 

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