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Isabel Sarti

Safety Coordinator

Fun Fact: 

Isabel values continuous learning and is pursuing a degree in Emotional Intelligence and Psychology. She looks forward to using this degree to grow and help team members in her role! 

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Isabel was born and raised in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela. She studied medicine at the University of the East, graduating in 2011, and decided to pursue her Master's degree in Diabetes Mellitus at the University of Alcalá in Spain. Subsequently, she worked as a Doctor in the primary referral hospital of the Bolivár state in the Emergency Department. She also served as the Chief of Residents in two private clinics and at the Military Hospital in her state. 

In 2016, Isabel and her family decided to move to the United States. Since the move, she has worked in various positions, including her first experience in residential painting. In 2018, she joined the SCS team as a painter. With little to no experience in commercial painting, her mentors taught her how to handle equipment, painting techniques, and more. Because of her aptitude to learn and eagerness to improve, she was eventually promoted to a Crew Leader. After nearly three years, she was given the opportunity to become a Safety Coordinator. She now holds several certifications within safety including her OSHA-30, equipment certifications, and more. 

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