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Leidy Henderson

Human Resources Coordinator

Fun Fact: 

Leidy is the proud mother of five children, and embraced a new role last year as a grandmother

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Leidy Henderson, serving as our HR coordinator, brings a wealth of experience and a diverse background to her role. Leidy originally hails from Costa Rica, and grew up in Miami before relocating to Northern Virginia. She found her way back to Florida in 2021, joining our team in 2022. 

Leidy's professional journey has been marked by versatility. She has worked in roles such as a Business Office Coordinator, Director of Community Relations, and transitioned into the Educational field as a Principal's Administrative Assistant for over 14 years.  

Beyond her professional and family life, Leidy finds joy in her leisure activities. She indulges her creative side by frequenting flea markets, where she turns hidden treasures into cherished finds. Leidy's diverse experiences and commitment to both family and career make her a wonderful asset to the SCS team. 

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