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Maria Feo

Accounts Receivable

Fun Fact: 

Maria's favorite thing about Venezuela is the gastronomy - the study of the relationship between food and culture. 

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Originally from Venezuela, Maria and her family embarked on a new chapter in Florida over 7 years ago. After graduating from South Fort Myers High School in 2019, Maria found her professional niche in our Accounting Department. Starting in Accounts Payable, she honed her skills in data inputting and various other accounting practices. 

Maria appreciates her role at SCS, emphasizing the company's commitment to putting words into action. The practice of core values is not just a motto, but a daily reality at SCS, influencing a positive work environment. This commitment to respect and value each team member creates a workplace where everyone looks forward to coming in every day. 

In 2022, Maria took on a new challenge as the Accounts Receivable Administrator, actively engaging with customers on a regular basis. Her journey at SCS reflects both personal growth and a dedication to fostering a positive and values-driven workplace. 

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