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Matthew Cameron


Fun Fact: 

Matt enjoys watching and playing soccer!

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Matthew Cameron, an integral part of the SCS team since 2019, embarked on his journey in the field as a painter. Swiftly recognizing his leadership potential, Matt progressed to the role of Crew Leader, where he adeptly guided diverse teams on various projects. Driven by a relentless pursuit of learning and advancement, Matt seized the opportunity to transition into estimating when a position became available within the company. 

His wealth of field experience proved invaluable as Matt smoothly transitioned into his new role, allowing him to view projects from a unique perspective having once been hands-on in the work. Currently, Matt is further broadening his skill set by undertaking assistant project management responsibilities, fueled by his overarching goal to continually learn and grow within the company. His dynamic journey at SCS reflects a dedication to personal and professional development. 

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