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Michel Galeano

Senior Superintendent

Fun Fact: 

Michel enjoys heavy metal concerts, standing in the mosh pits and body surfing! 

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Born and raised in Nicaragua, Michel and his family migrated to Florida when he was 6 years old. He has lived in the East Coast, specifically Miami for nearly 40 years. Michel originally joined the SCS family almost 10 years ago, starting in the field as a painter. Showing a great aptitude for leading and educating others, Michel worked his way to Crew Leader, then Foremen, then Superintendent for several years. His favorite moment at SCS was when he first started as a Superintendent and he was joining a training held at the office - Michel was taken a back as he never experienced a company taking the time and resources to provide proper training, a company that listened to field team members, and was transparent. 

In 2023, Michel was promoted to a Senior Superintendent, where he is now responsible for helping lead the East Coast office, assisting the Superintendents and Project Management team, and helping field team develop and grow. 

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