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Sarah Beth Moore

Marketing and Business Development 

Fun Fact: 

Sarah Beth is that she has never had a fast food burger, a fact that often sparks intrigue and curiosity among her colleagues. Many on the team are eager to accompany her for what could be her first experience with this fast-food classic!

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Sarah Beth has been a valued member of SCS for nearly a year, bringing with her a background in buying from Bealls Corporate. A graduate of the University of North Georgia with a degree in Organizational Leadership, Sarah Beth is passionate about her work at SCS and enjoys contributing to the team.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sarah Beth cherishes moments spent with family and friends, relishing beach time, and sharing precious moments with her dog, Coach. Her active involvement with the Young Professionals Builders Exchange (YPBX) committee, facilitated by SCS, has provided her with valuable experiences and opportunities in the Sarasota community.


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