What do we do when our customers come to us with a unique problem? We come up with a creative solution, of course! It’s about thinking outside of the box and offering services that many others can’t, just as we did with our project in Fort Myers.

When the condo’s management company, Suitor, Middleton, Cox & Associates, came across an issue with their handrails peeling, they were presented with few options. They could either replace the handrails or have them chemically stripped by hand, both of which are very expensive processes. However, Service Contracting Solutions was able to offer something no one else had – Vaporblasting. Our process of vaporblasting was the much needed, cost-effective solution they were looking for. We were able to remove both layers of paint, which included the peeling white paint, as well as the original green base coat. By stripping the rails down to the bare metal, we were able to apply PPG’s Coroflon system which will adhere and last for years, solving the problem and saving its owners money.

In addition to the vaporblasting, we also painted the exterior of the building, as well as applying deck coating to the parking garage.

Before: Peeling Paint



During: Stripping it down to the metal



After: The Finished Product